Having A Tent Wedding? What You Need To Do

Outdoor weddings are incredibly popular, but there is always the risk of bad weather. That's where tents come in. Tented weddings can bring an incredible sense of intimacy, comfort, and just the perfect ambiance for a wedding while ensuring the event is protected from the elements. However, planning a tented wedding is very different than planning a general wedding. In addition, a wedding tent is not like a camping tent. Therefore, there are many details that must be considered before you decide to rent an outdoor wedding tent and go with a tented wedding. Keep reading to learn more.

Choose the Style of Tent

When selecting the style of tent that you want, you need to consider the way it looks, your décor, the weather, and the space. There are many different types of outdoor tents that can be used for weddings, and they all have different benefits. For instance, pole tents are created out of sailcloth or vinyl and have center poles that create peaks. Frame and structure tents are designed with an open steel shell, which allows them to support big speakers and other heavy equipment. Some modern tents offer clear tops so that you can view the surrounding landscape.

Select the Right Location

It is important that you choose a spot that is flat and a minimum of 10 feet from any structure because the tent will need to be staked into the ground. You should also consider the view and the surroundings when deciding where to place the tent.

Reserve the Tent Early

The summer is a very popular time for weddings, and because of this, other people are going to want to rent outdoor tents. With that being said, it is imperative that you reserve your tent early. If you fail to do this, you may find that you can't find the tent that you want or a tent at all. After all, tent rental companies only have so many tents in certain sizes and styles. Ideally, you should reserve your outdoor wedding tent at least six months before the scheduled date of your wedding.

Consider the Temperature

Since you are holding your wedding inside of a tent, you do not want to be trapped inside without an air conditioner or a heat source, depending on the time of the year it is. You want to ensure that your guests are comfortable. So, if the temperature may cause discomfort for you and your guests, you should consider renting portable AC units, misting fans, floor heaters, tall patio heaters, etc. Make sure you speak to the tent rental company to find out how this equipment will work with the style of tent that you rented.

For more information, contact an outdoor wedding tent rental company.