Cozy And Private Table Layouts For A Group Event

Promoting a cozy atmosphere and attempting to provide just enough privacy to make people feel as if they have an individual seating area are two variables to consider for the next social event that you will be hosting. If you will be renting tables for the gathering, select a table design and tabletop additions to create a welcoming ambiance. 

A Serpentine Or Long Table Style With Barriers

A serpentine table style is a popular furniture type that will support the seating of many people, without compromising on style. A serpentine shape is wavy and may feature seating access on both sides of a table.

The indented portions of this type of table can be used for the placement of seats. A long table style is a traditional furniture type that is often used in banquet halls or large arenas. This type of table is symmetrical in shape and will offer an equal amount of seating areas on each side.

With either type of rental, using tabletop barriers will add a bit of intimacy. The additions will allow your guests to converse with those who are sitting closest to them, without feeling as if they are offending others who are seated across from them. Place tiered food holders, candelabras, or vases of flowers across the center part of a serpentine or long table. 

Small Tables That Omit Extras

If a serving station is going to be set up for food and beverages that your guests will be consuming, rent one long table for the station and a series of small tables and linens for the section where your guests will be enjoying their meals. Smaller tables will offer a more diverse seating arrangement.

Choose rental tables that are the same style and size and reserve some linens that will complement the theme of your event. If there will be a live performance, dancing, or another activity that your guests can enjoy, use the tables to form a circle. A circular seating area that outlines the central part of the floor will spread your guests out and provide each attendee with a clear view of what is occurring in the center of the floor.

Each guest will be able to keep tabs on where their friends are seated and will have the option of getting up from their assigned tables and mingling with others. To add an air of privacy, use some portable partitions to separate tables that are located on the same side of the room. 

For more information on table options, contact a company that does event table rentals