3 Tips For Renting Bounce Houses For Your Kids’ Party

Never lose the opportunity to put a smile on your child's face. Birthday parties or family events are excellent opportunities to accomplish this, and renting a bounce house adds to the wonder and excitement. If you're looking for a bounce house, consider the points below to figure out how to book a rental that'll be useful to you. 

#1: Learn why bounce houses are excellent for any kids party

Kids' parties and bounce houses go hand in hand. Your child and others are balls of energy that are often told to sit still and act orderly. Renting a bounce house gives kids the opportunity to jump around, scream, and act as silly as they'd like. As a matter of fact -- it encourages it. 

The bounce house is an excellent exercise opportunity for your child and their guests. A bounce house provides cardio and endurance exercise that contributes to a healthy heart, brain, positive mood, and a restorative night of sleep. Everyone's kids will go home happily exhausted with lots of memories from the special day. 

#2: Get creative with your choice and make sure to scout your location

Once you decide to get a bounce house, make sure to choose a type that will add to the theme and energy of the party. You can find bounce houses with themes like space ships, pirates, medieval times, safari, and many others. Figure out how many kids you're going to have at the party, and what size bounce house you need to accommodate them. You'll also need to scope out the best location for your party so the bounce house can be safely installed the day before with plenty of room to spare. 

#3: Secure the service of a bounce house company

Take the time to find a quality bounce house company that can rent what you're looking for. Ask about the quality of the bounce house and make sure they have the right level of inflation, safe and comfortable materials, and an easy way to enter and exit. The bounce house company will also staff people to facilitate the ride and make sure that everyone is safe and following the rules. 

You can expect to pay about $95-$125 per hour for a bounce house rental. Speak to a couple of different bounce house companies to decide on which you'd like to do business with. 

Consider the tips above and reach out to bounce house pros that can look out for you.